Live adrenaline rush the year round with us in Brossard

Goplex is on a mission to take the e-karting and entertainment industry the next level. From using the latest technology, innovative eco-friendly electric cars, we are a company that cares about the impact we leave on the immediate lives of our customers as well as on our future as a group.

Responsible, safety-conscious and always eager to improve our services, our state-of-the-art facilities located near the city of Montreal offer the perfect environment for businesses, individuals and groups who wish to spend a truly rewarding and unforgettable time, surrounded by the best infrastructure and equipment.

Create memories that will last a lifetime

Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive, exciting and innovative experience, while ensuring your safety and comfort.

The owners of Goplex have gone into every detail to create a professional and modern gathering place that promotes the pleasure of being together and having fun while pushing our limits. 

“Sometimes, you end up surprising yourself by discovering a competitive spirit in you … and then by asking for more because this intensity, this moment of exaltation where you switch off and reconnect with the simple pleasure of playing becomes both liberating and addictive. You end up realizing that we all need to spend a good time and have a good laugh with friends or colleagues.”

A recreational and safe environment for your entertainment

Our vision is to create a community, a place to meet, have fun and have a good time as a group. Enjoy the facilities offered by our ultramodern center today.

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